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Here are 11 creative ways to make your dull, outdated kitchen feels new and inviting once again.

We have used a very special client's job to illustrate the quality of Mastercraft Murrieta Kitchen Remodeling. Initially was a standard track kitchen with the bare bones options. After interviewing multiple kitchen remodeling contractors, she picked Mastercraft for our balanced pricing and quality workmanship. We have many unique options in this kitchen.

1. Upgrade your metals:

Outdated kitchens were made with materials obsolete decades ago. Over the past years, manufacturers have released new kitchen hardware using innovative materials. It may now be time to rethink your drawer pulls and lighting fixtures. Modern kitchen design includes matte aluminum, stainless steel, brushed gold, and copper. These materials are used for cabinetry hardware, pendant lighting, and range hood options.

murrieta kitchen remodel2. Give people a place to sit.

For most families, the kitchen is has become the busiest room in your home. It is the place people are likely to congregate. Modern kitchens account for this activity by adding seating. You can choose countertop stools and seats at a breakfast bar. Others opt for benches at a window-side table. The inclusion of seating can make your kitchen have a whole new appeal. Families where children do homework to parents entertaining, make seating in the kitchen critical.

3. Modernize your countertops

Your countertops use a large amount of your kitchen's real estate. Outdated kitchens may have tile-and-grout or cheap vinyl for workspace. Today, the variety of countertop surfaces options are endless. There are options for everyone's style and budget. They range from resin and polymers to natural stone varieties such as marble and granite. Recently designers are becoming creative using heavy-duty structural materials for countertops. Some of the favorites are concrete, brick, tile, and others. In the illustration, you will see that the client chose a one of a kind quartz countertop.

4. Update your flooring

Kitchen flooring is often forgotten. Obviously, it plays a significant role in your kitchen design. If your flooring keeps you in the past, pull up the 60s styled vinyl or linoleum flooring. Wood, tile, and stone are more resilient and timeless flooring materials. These flooring materials will last longer. They also boost your home value. Ceramic tile can now mimic the look of hardwood flooring and has become quite popular. Travertine and slate are also popular in new kitchens.

murrieta kitchen seating5. Consider removing your upper cabinetry.

Outdated kitchens were often built with too many walls of upper cabinetry. These cabinets make the kitchen look crowded. To open your kitchen's space for room to grow, consider removing the upper cabinets. This frees up the wall—it allowing for modern open shelving with a few decorative items. This photo illustrates custom made cabinets with a second set of upper cabinets built to a very high ceiling height. The cabinetry job is one of a kind both in parts and labor.


6. Get energy-efficient appliances.

Many people are trying to shrink their carbon footprint. Getting rid of old kitchen appliances is a good start. If you choose to replace kitchen appliances, make sure they are energy efficient! These appliances have a modern look and save water and energy. Best of all, they are great for the Earth and your bills. Consider replacing plumbing fixtures as well. Low-flow faucets will save water. Updating a kitchen should be more than for aesthetics. It should help save money and our Earth's resources. The Murrieta kitchen remodel in these photos used backsplash and appliances from Pacific Sales!

7. Paint existing cabinets

If you can't afford new cabinets, there are other good options. For homeowners on a budget, painting and staining cabinetry is an excellent option. You could select a bold blue or a modern black to cover up dingy colored cabinets. Most people are surprised by how elbow grease and color will transform old cabinetry. They will transform from distressing doors to paint glazes and stains.

murrieta kitchen lighting8. Install new lighting options

Never forget the lighting while you are modernizing! Kitchen lighting is often an afterthought. Modern lighting is essential for a kitchen's safety, ambiance, and versatility. Recessed lighting gives your kitchen stylish illumination. Most like to install a dimmer switch. This option provides versatility while entertaining, cooking, or just relaxing. Pendant lighting over a kitchen island and under cabinet lighting will illuminate countertops.


murrieta back splash9. Add decorative elements

Adding decorative elements brings a sense of your lifestyle into your kitchen. Shelves on top of cabinets provide space for plants, artwork, and decorative items. Display shelves built below your kitchen island can showcase kitchenware, cookbooks, or heirlooms.


Temecula custom kitchen cabinets10. Add utility elements

A kitchen rebuild allows you to add new utility elements to your kitchen. The most popular aspect for our clients is spice cabinets and trash drawers. Adding a pot filler faucet is a great help while cooking. The articulated arm enables the tap to move over burners to fill large stock pots. Lazy susan shelving in corner cabinets helps you get access to storage that is usually out of reach. Slide-out cabinets are also an excellent addition for a home chef. This photo illustrates a custom spice pullout cabinet. This client also had us install a trash pull out drawer near the sink.


11. Takedown walls

Outdated kitchens were built to be out of the way, unseen by people in the rest of the house. This isolation has been eliminated in modern house design in favor of an open floor plan. To open your kitchen to the dining room or living room, consider eliminating a wall! For a non-load-bearing wall, this is a relatively easy change. Your kitchen will grow in size and allow the chef to participate with family and guests.

Consult Mastercraft Murrieta Kitchen Remodeling to see what possibilities there are for your kitchen. Your imagination is the only limit while updating your kitchen. We have explored updating finishes and materials to bringing in illumination and space. We look forward to hearing your ideas for your kitchen remodel!


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“This company is very reliable. I like that the owner took his time to explain the process. He suggested money-saving ideas that would still deliver the look I wanted. These changes didn’t make my kitchen look cheap. I highly recommend them.” – Mayoli P.

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21:59 28 Jun 20
It would be impossible to encompass how happy we are with the team at Mastercraft with just a short review but here you go. Shortly before the Covid-19 lockdown we had a slab leak in our bathroom and living room. After the initial repairs we need to find a "reputable" company to repair drywall, install countertops and lay flooring down. Initially we met with Janelle who assisted us in selecting flooring, our vanity and countertop. She was attentive, courteous and basically catered to our every need. Joe was able to find us exactly what we wanted for our home and even gave us a quartz countertop among other materials at no cost to us.Once we had selected the designs for our home Oscar and his team came out and began prepping the floors, installing the cabinets and fixing the drywall. There was never a day that Oscar or any of his crew were late and they even stayed past 630 pm one night as we were on a time crunch to get back into our home. The job was done under budget, quicker than we had estimated and looks flawless. If you are looking to improve the value and appearance of your home the team at Mastercraft will give you the most value for your money. We will be coming back very soon to do our kitchen and will recommend you to all our friends and family..
Bob and Chris B
Bob and Chris B
15:18 19 Jun 20
Extremely happy with the way the remodel was done and in the time frame it was completed. We couldn't be more happy with Mastercraft and they way they handled this project and the subcontractors they used. Everyone we dealt with at Mastercraft was professional and just plain nice! Joe, the owner, stayed in contact with us throughout the project and I now consider him a good friend. Mastercraft's finisher also did a great job to close out the project and put the finishing touches throughout the house. I would and have recommended them to my friends and anybody else looking to remodel.
Steve Gardner
Steve Gardner
23:15 14 Nov 19
I am a plumbing contractor and I do sub work for MasterCraft. My post is a personal one though. My son recently passed away and Joe had meals sent to our home to help us as we grieved. This was very loving of them to do so and it speaks to their Character. Thank you MasterCraft!
Hannah M.
Hannah M.
09:14 17 Oct 20
I could not be more pleased with my experience with mastercraft! From the moment I called for an estimate to the very last day when they finished my...
H. R.
H. R.
14:24 20 Oct 20
We interviewed a few different companies to tackle our kitchen remodel but decided to go with Mastercraft based on their impeccable reviews and...
Liz Trujillo
Liz Trujillo
02:42 18 Aug 18
I must say this company is very professional and under my budget very reasonable price, they managed to provide us with exactly what we've asked of them. Mastercraft Home Improvement team have done a excellent job. We are completely satisfied.

Lastly, I recommend Mastercraft Home Improvement to all. Thanks Joe Martin & Team.

The Trujillo Family
Stavi Sanchez
Stavi Sanchez
15:27 19 Jun 20
I am so happy with this crew. They delivered to all promises. I would recommend to friends and family.
Laura Catlett Beaulieu
Laura Catlett Beaulieu
21:43 19 Nov 19
They did a wonderful job. Made my house look great. Very affordable. The staff is wonderful especially Kayla, very professional and helpful with making decisions. I highly recommend this company.
Robert Ford
Robert Ford
14:33 23 Jun 20
I hired Mastercraft to do a complete kitchen, family room and dinning room remodel. The quote was very competitive they were prompt in getting it back to me with the price and very detailed in their scope of work. They made a firm commitment of 6 weeks to complete the project and the work was done 6 weeks to the day even with the added work I had them do that was beyond the original contract.Regarding the workmanship there were awesome! The quality of work was spot on. One of the things I loved was the level of communication they had with both my wife and myself. They always took our calls and were incredibly responsive in solving issues. The labor force was great and very respectful recognizing we were still living in the home during the construction.From start to finish I would give them a 10 out of 10. I would strongly recommend Mastercraft to friends or family.Thanks Joe Martin for a job well done!
Zuleika Pagan Wilson
Zuleika Pagan Wilson
21:30 13 Aug 20
After getting estimates and meeting with several other companies to update my kitchen I landed on these guys! They turned out to be a great choice. From start to finish there was always clear communication, the prices were competitive and the team was always professional. I got to see what my kitchen would look like before we got started and they explained the possibilities and limitations. All my questions were answered and things I didn’t understand were explained professionally. I didn’t feel as though any corners were cut or that anything was lacking in the work. They understood I wanted-a simple but cozy kitchen-and I feel I got exactly that! I look forward to working with them again for additional services!
Heather Palmer
Heather Palmer
18:56 01 Nov 20
Beyond pleased with my new kitchen!! Thanks to Joe and all his team. Extremely professional and caring. They get the job done right. I will always appreciate the time spent building the kitchen of my dreams! Look forward to future projects!
Stanley Roller
Stanley Roller
15:09 19 Jun 20
A beautiful transformation of my kitchen after it had to be rebuilt literally from the ground up. Outstanding design, workmanship and quality. I could not ask for a better team than Joe, Janelle, Oscar and Diego. All very responsive to my concerns and a pleasure to work with.
Ashley Stafford
Ashley Stafford
21:45 14 Sep 20
Remodeled bathroom, needed to be done. Appreciated how much they communicated with us through the process.They really seemed to care about making us happy.
Carol Pelak
Carol Pelak
18:48 17 Apr 18
So impressed with how beautiful our bathroom is now. Just completed a bathroom remodel with Mastercraft Home Improvement. Couldn't be happier with the quality of their work and their professionalism and follow through. They helped us throughout our project, even offering design recommendations along the way. They were also easy to reach with questions and concerns. I will definitely be using them again!!!
Mark K.
Mark K.
17:17 26 Jun 20
It would be impossible to encompass how happy we are with the team at Mastercraft with just a short review but here you go. Shortly before the Covid-19...
Aubrey Nicometo
Aubrey Nicometo
22:56 18 Jul 18
Mastercraft did an amazing job on my kitchen remodel!!! Love ❤️ Love ❤️ It !
I had waited along time to do my remodel and there was a large list of must haves and they made sure that each one of them was included in the design. There was a must be completed by date and they delivered before the due date. Chris, Gus and the crew were nice professional and always willing to listen to my in put. Definitely restored my faith in contractors again.
Highly recommend Mastercraft and will be using them again in the future.
Hannah McCoy
Hannah McCoy
16:16 17 Oct 20
I could not be more pleased with my experience with mastercraft! From the moment I called for an estimate to the very last day when they finished my kitchen, I was happy. Despite this crazy chaos with COVID-19, our kitchen was done quickly and beautifully. Very impressed.Thanks Mastercraft!