Murrieta Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

9 Tips To Hire a Quality Murrieta Contractor or Murrieta Bathroom Contractor

Remodeling a bathroom is usually considered the most exciting home improvement. Results are fast. These include a shower or bathtub, bathroom vanity and countertop, and more storage. A quality Murrieta bathroom remodel adds to resale value and showiness for resale. A successful Murrieta bathroom remodel requires hiring the right Murrieta Bathroom Remodeling Contractor.

Get Quotes From Several Murrieta Bathroom Contractors

You gain only a limited vantage by talking to one or two Murrieta contractors. When you ask for only two bids, the quotes can be higher than you expect. Increasing the number of bids gives you a better chance to get the right contractor at the best price.

Murrieta contractor - murrieta bathroom contractorReview the Murrieta Contractor’s Previous Work

Murrieta bathroom contractors arrive with a photo book of previous Murrieta bathroom remodels. They will bring a picture book or online photos. It may be hard to look past the pretty pictures. Make sure you spend the time to look at online Google reviews. Getting advice from a neighbor is invaluable.

Require Quotes in Writing

Verbal estimates are worthless. They don’t protect the homeowner or the bathroom contractor. The details get forgotten or misinterpreted. Even when everyone has the best intentions. Well-written quotes are understood by all parties. It is acceptable to ask a bathroom contractor for a verbal ballpark figure. Remember that no one is held to a verbal quote. The job description and quote are fluid until the contract is signed.

Hammer Down a Work Schedule

Ensure that you clarify the date that the remodel will start and the overall duration. Scheduling is vital to both you and the contractor. Only proceed with the contract when both of you are in agreement. “Time is of the essence” is a standard clause in contracts. It defines the total time the contractor has to complete your project. There should also be a payment schedule defined for the homeowner.

Temecula Custom ShowerClarify What the Contractor Will Do

Before the contract is signed, ask the bathroom contractor what they will do. Murrieta bathroom remodeling contractors do a checklist of jobs. They also develop a list of required materials. A reliable contractor will never just state that the bathroom will be renovated.

Peripheral Issues

A good contractor will discuss peripheral issues. These are things that affect your life during a remodel. What if the bathroom being remodeled is your only bathroom? What will you use during the project? A what time will the work crew arrive? When will they leave each day? Will the crew work weekends? Some issues affect your regular life during a bathroom remodeling.

Verify Licenses and Credentials

Murrieta bathroom contractors are licensed and registered. Part of the licensure is a variety of requirements. These include insurance, bonding, criminal record checks, testing, continued education, and more.

Select a Contractor Who Checks All Your Boxes

The choice of a Murrieta bathroom remodeling contractor is a balance of many factors. Not just the lowest quote, which most of us tend to fixate on. The low-price contractor may have skipped corners so that issues will appear in a few years. Points you should consider along with price include:

  • How well the contractor interacts with you.
  • Has the contractor successfully completed other projects like yours?
  • The proposed scheduling.
  • The bathroom contractor’s professionalism.
  • Testimonials and word-of-mouth info.

Sign a Contract

After selecting your Murrieta bathroom contractor, sign a contract. The contract needs to be signed and dated by both you and the bathroom remodeling contractor. It needs to has all the specifics of the remodeling project. This has a cost, payment schedule, and work site address. It has start and end dates, and other details that both parties agree upon.