11 Ways to Save Money on Escondido Kitchen Remodeling, Escondido Remodeling, and Escondido Bathroom Remodeling

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Your Escondido kitchen remodeling designer will save you money in many ways. We have listed ideas that Mastercraft Escondido Remodeling uses to save customers money. We can help you save money on Escondido kitchen remodeling & Escondido bathroom remodeling.

ONE: Have a Plan.

Don’t save money by not hiring a professional Escondido kitchen designer. They will save time and money as you will make expensive errors without their guidance.

TWO: Be Prepared When you Start Your Escondido Kitchen
Remodeling or Escondido Bathroom Remodeling.

After selecting a designer, decide on what you want in your Escondido kitchen remodel. Make sure you have all materials on-site before the demo is started. You will find your budget exploding if you decide to pick materials during the remodel. When materials are back-ordered, you may be forced to wait for delivery or change your choice. You might even be forced to pick a different material that is more expensive. Often, contractors have jobs waiting, so material delays may cause increased labor costs.

THREE: Bright White Can Bring New Life.

The biggest expense for kitchen remodeling is new cabinets. If your cabinets are in good shape, keep them and giving them a new look. White paint does wonders for outdated cabinets. By washing and painting cabinets with quality white semi-gloss, you give them new life. New hardware will finish off the new look.

FOUR: Replaced Doors can Update Cabinets.

If your cabinets are outdated, you can make them new with a new door. If your Escondido cabinets are solid, don’t toss them out. Find a door style that you like. You can often find affordable replacement doors online. This is a great way to get a new look for a fraction of the cost.

FIVE: Cut Corners.

For most remodels, the backsplash is the fashion statement. It can also be a high cost, but it doesn’t have to be. You can cut the fancier tile length and use less expensive tile for the rest of the wall. That locates the expensive tile where it’s most visually and functionally important. This way, you can afford fancy tile behind the sink or stove and go budget for the rest.

SIX: Update your Lights.

Getting more lighting in critical areas is a smart move in any renovation. That is especially true for kitchen remodels. Add stylish pendants for style and light. Ensure that your overhead lighting is bright. Concentrated your strong lights in areas where the cook will be working. Don’t forget the details. Under-cabinet lighting will make a significant impact without busting your budget.

SEVEN: Don’t Move Your Escondido Plumbing.

A professional construction designer will use your existing pipes on your kitchen renovation. It costs around $5,000 when you move appliances like a dishwasher, gas stove, or sink.

EIGHT: Use Remnant Stone.

You can save money on granite counters. When you visit a granite yard, ask to see their remnants. They are helpful if you don’t have large sections for a countertop.

NINE: Use Your Remnant Material.

Don’t let remnant materials go to waste. The average project wastes around 15% of the material. You can create highly visible features like cutting boards from leftover granite pieces. You can use leftover lumber for rollout inserts in cabinets.

TEN: Scratch and Dent Can Be Your Friend.

Visit the various outlet stores for scratched or dented appliances. We have seen one client get a $5000 Viking stove for only $190. Find reuse places where contractors and builders sell their overstock at a discount. It’s a little bit of timing and a lot of luck.

ELEVEN: You Can Find Inexpensive Escondido Floor Material.

If you have wood floors, you can save money by refinishing them. If you plan to knock down walls, you can simply place boards in new spaces on the floor. Then sand existing and new wood flooring and stain them together.

You might think that expensive tile is the only option. There are less expensive options like a sealed cork. These materials are easier on the feet and back than hard tiles and wood.

Mastercraft Remodeling saves our customers money. We can help you save money on Escondido kitchen remodeling & bathroom remodeling.