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Creating a Carlsbad Open Floor Plan for a
1950s Carlsbad Home Remodel

Designing an Open Concept Carlsbad Home

Open concept living is the trend for remodeling older homes. You will see many HGTV or DIY shows where they tear down walls and opening up an old home. If you’re still living with “rooms” separated by walls, it’s time to check out a Carlsbad open floor plan. Bring your living room, family room, kitchen, and dining room together for a more airy, relaxed feel.

open carlsbad kitchen designTaking down walls is a great way to open your home’s floor plan. It will improve the flow and let in more natural light. Our lifestyle has moved toward informal ways of living and entertaining. Using formal living and dining rooms no longer works for a modern home.

An open concept home has many benefits, including:

  • You can add usable space without the expense of changing your home’s footprint.
  • You can improve the natural light in all living spaces.
  • You can improve workflow in your kitchen.
  • Makes your home more usable for more functions.

So if you’re unsure where to start to open your home’s floor plan, here are some ways to achieve an open concept.

Our example is a 1950’s Carlsbad ranch home that was formerly isolated into 4 different rooms. This included a living room, dining room, kitchen, and washroom. Removal of loadbearing walls opened the kitchen. We then created a dining room and family room. This Carlsbad remodel is a good example of what can be accomplished for any older divided home.

Planning a Carlsbad Open Floor Plan

A Carlsbad open floor plan replaces a redundant formal dining room and living room with less formal usable space. In our example, the kitchen and informal dining area are bigger than before. The small formal dining room was too small so it was added to the kitchen. This design concept used the kitchen island as the casual dining table.

open design kitchen

We must plan before we start a successful project. When considering opening your floor plan, start by what you’re looking for. First, consider how your space would be best used. In your plans, consider the number of people who will be occupying the room.

You should allocate 4 feet between the kitchen counter and dining room table. This allows guests to have room to move their chairs comfortably.

When you decide how much space you need for each room, decide which room needs to be close to each other. For example, you should place your dining table near the kitchen. Layout your space so that it meets your lifestyle needs.

How is your space currently laid out? Your new open concept will use the area in your existing floor plan. Keep in mind the location of doors, windows, outlets, columns, and partitions. You need to make allowances for existing wiring, gas lines, plumbing, and sewage lines. Moving these can increase your costs considerably.

What Type of Open Plan Will You Use?

A loadbearing wall was containing electric, plumbing, and HVAC ductwork. All of this had to be removed to create this open concept plan. Formerly, the space around the island was too cramped, and the dining room was isolated. Now, the area is open, inviting, and adequately sized.

Planning for personal movement is important to plan for an open concept design. Think about how people move through your home. Think about the location of doorways and stairs. Remember, you’ll need at least three feet for paths of travel.

Plan your Open Concept Home With A Design Oriented Contractor

Before you start your project, educating yourself about Carlsbad open floor plans. Working with a design-oriented contractor like Mastercraft will assist in this complicated redesign. We might find a need to reroute electrical and plumbing lines. When we identify load-bearing walls, we will suggest requiring structural adjustments. There are many other issues that we will bring to your attention.

carlsbad home remodel

Once you’ve finalized your plans, we will begin removing walls to open up space. We will patch flooring, patch and paint the ceiling, and start the construction. We suggest that you think about the following issues when you create an open floor plan:

  • Bringing in more light by adding skylights and widening windows.
  • Opening your rooms to outside by adding a slider or french doors.
  • Installing skylights to flood the room with natural light.

The kitchen was isolated and dark. It was divided by walls from the family room and dining room. Getting rid of non-loadbearing walls will create a bright and connected space. This makes your home more suitable for family gatherings and large parties.

We can help you understand options you may not have considered. Ideas might include raising ceilings or creating vaulted, coffered, or tray ceilings.

You can create an airy feel with an open concept. Ideas include removing walls and risers and replacing old banisters with steel rails.

Storage is always an issue for home remodeling. It is even more critical when you start taking down walls. Removing walls and widening windows can eliminate spaces created by cabinetry or closets. Installing custom built-ins can help. We can offer helpful information about adding storage in a new open concept living space. Sometimes you have to think outside the box when considering your storage space. You can create a pantry or improving garage storage options to replace lost cabinets.

Some Other Things To Consider for your Carlsbad Home Remodel

Here are tips to take into consideration when planning for an open concept home with a Carlsbad home remodel.

Think about the best views around your home. Place new windows and doors to highlight the best views on your property.

carlsbad open floor plan

Consult Mastercraft about relocating HVAC ducts and vents. We will check if your existing AC system can handle the increased load from raising ceilings or open space.

You can make your floor plan look larger by using light colors on the walls and floors.

Plan wall space for your existing artwork and furniture.

Work with a professional remodeling firm like Mastercraft Home Improvement. We can help you better understand your options when designing an open concept floor plan. You will wonder why you didn’t remodel earlier. Improving light, the flow, and functionality when entertaining will impress all your friends!

When you consider creating an open concept floor plan, give Mastercraft Home Improvement a call (855) 506-4300. We can help explore all the opportunities of an Carlsbad open floor plan!