Tips for a Small Backyard

It is true that most homeowners focus more on the inside of their home than the front or the backyard. The backyard and the front provide opportunities for beautifying the home. If you live in your own house, think of how you can maximize the backyard. This will allow your family to enjoy the warmer weather in California all year round. If you live in a rental house, you can still maximize the backyard space with approval from your landlord. Ensure that you check with the Homeowner’s association guidelines to avoid violations. Designing a comfortable yard includes a lush green lawn, a relaxing environment, and appealing landscape. Here are essential tips you need to consider when planning for a small backyard at your home.

slow growing plantsSelecting the Right Plants

Make sure that plants that grow slowly dominate your backyard. Flowing cactus and wax plants could be ideal for the backyard. Place succulent plants in containers and keeping them in spots that have proper ventilation. This will improve the serenity of your backyard and make it look natural.

A Fire Pit Area

If you are the type of a person who spends the better part of the evening outdoors, you could build a fire pit area. These are great for relaxing at night or for entertaining your guests. You may want to customize the fire pit to suit your style. By building a custom fire pit, you can create a focal point for your backyard.

Use Plants to Enhance the Backyard Privacy

If your backyard is too close to a neighbor’s, it may limit the privacy you need. This is a problem that can be solve by landscape. To do it, you can grow plants such as tall shrubs and small trees to obscure the yard.

outdoor table and chairsDining Area

A good backyard must have a dining area. It allows space for dinners. You may need to install a picnic table and chairs. Using paving stones and slabs of concrete may make the dining area beautiful without spending much. You must also add colorful decorations to make the space more inviting.

Backyard Water Features

To bring serenity and calmness to your backyard, you may need to add backyard water features. Buy readymade waterfalls and ponds and place them in strategic places in your yard. They will help you to solve the drainage problems in the backyard during the wet seasons. Create your outdoor oasis by adding a few goldfish and plants in the water.

Fixing Eyesores

Backyards will always have plenty of unappealing items. It could be the place where you place utility meters and outdoor air conditioners. You can fix the eyesores by adding a landscape around them. Putting a lattice fence around them is the best way to fix the eyesore. Also, you can remove ugly appliance by adding potted plants around them.

artificial turf - synthetic turfAdding Artificial Turf

If your patio does not have grass or grass is hard to grow, consider installing artificial turf. It adds style to the backyard and reduces your water bill. You can add pavers to make the outdoor space look colorful.

Adding Fun Furniture

A good backyard must be unique, attractive and inviting. Most agree that it is important to add color. This can be done with a colorful pair of antique benches. The benches should match with the wood of the dining table. Decorate the area with containers of succulent plants. They will add color in areas surrounding the benches. Notice that the area must also have a reclining launch chair. Use materials such as reed grass to make reclining launch chairs. Two to three lounge chairs could be ideal for your backyard.

Growing Edibles

The backyard could have a small garden. You can grow edibles such as chard, tomatoes and even carrots. It should also have flowers and other beautiful plants to make it attractive. Ensure that you keep the garden tidy and good-looking.
Notice that your backyard must be neat and beautiful. It should be a place you go to if you want to unwind after a busy day. It should liven up your home during the weekend to make you relax after a week of hard work. It should have the best landscape ideas to make it welcoming. If you design it well, it will add value to your house and become an entertainment spot when you are at home.