Cool Remodeling Ideas for a Small House

People often give up on the dream of living in a grand style home as they move into their first house. While dreams come in large sizes, starter homes are usually on the smaller size. Financial considerations force us all the settle for a more modest house. They often have more modest features. Mastercraft General Contractor has the design insights to fix that situation. We are committed to helping our clients live in the house of their dreams despite the size. Many people jump right into bathroom remodeling and kitchen cabinet refacing. These remodeling jobs are expensive. Below is a sample of the fresh, affordable remodeling ideas for a small house. We have used them to make smaller homes have the features and appointments you have been missing. Small House Remodeling

Give your porch the style that it deserves

You cannot overlook the importance of the initial curb appeal of your home. This is as true when entertaining family and friends or when you go to sell your home. One way to expand the usable space for entertaining is with a full-width porch. The next step of supplying furniture is essential. Overcrowding any room, including a porch with furniture, will make it look small. For the home in this illustration, we used dueling porch swings. This is a good option where most people use regular chairs or sofas. This simple step almost doubled the entertaining space for this home. Remodeling a small house

New Home Improvements Should Match Your Home’s Current Design

A fundamental but costly mistake people make remodeling their homes is to try for the ‘brand new’ look. This mistake is expected when you overlook using a professional designer. If your home has an older design and you upgrade one area to have a NEW look, it will cause a design disconnect. Instead of shiplap boards, we remodeled a house using tongue-and-groove #2 flooring. This less expensive option gave the walls of the home the same look at half the price. Clutter Free Design

Keep Rooms Free of Clutter

When remodeling a small house, keep your spaces open. This is the same concept we illustrated earlier with the porch remodel. In this example, we were able to make the kitchen look more spacious. We ran countertops along the entire length of the wall. If we had put an island in that small space, the room would look too tight. Another thing we did to make our clients’ kitchen look more spacious is hiding the appliances. In this kitchen, we used semi-custom cabinets to conceal the dishwater. It was a low-cost solution to add an element of elegance. Creative Remodeling

Creativity in the Handling of Cabinetry and Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

In remodeling one client’s small home, we were asked to find space for a washer and dryer. They both have to be fit somewhere, no matter how small the house. As you might expect, this required a little creativity. As you can see from the photo, we found space. We used two standard cabinets pegged together to conceal both the dryer and the washer. We have helped our clients solve many similar challenges with kitchen cabinet refacing.

Use Local 5-Star Professionals

You cannot afford to choose a trial and error approach when remodeling a small house. You will save time and energy contacting the best remodeling contractor near us. Visit our site today at We can schedule a FREE consultation with the small house professionals.