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Watching those fun home remodeling TV shows gives us all the desire for a more functional beautiful kitchen. It is rare to find anyone who does not have a dream kitchen remodel in mind. However, the task of successfully redesigning that dream kitchen is quite tricky without help from a professional. Mastercraft Home Improvement would like to offer some important do it yourself tips and tricks for kitchen remodeling.

How to Justify a Kitchen Remodel

As the most used room in any home, kitchen appliances, and cabinets wear out and look dated over time. Kitchen remodeling increases a home’s value more than any other home improvement project. Kitchen remodeling also offers an opportunity to save energy through the use of natural lighting from bigger windows, glass doors, skylights, or sun tunnels. Expanded use of natural light combined with replacing old light sources with recessed LEDs significantly reduces energy usage and adds to your kitchen’s ambiance. Kitchen remodeling also allows to keep up with the trend of lifestyle around us.

Tips and Tricks for Your Kitchen Remodel

kitchen functionalityPlan how the kitchen space will be used to suit the needs of your family. While jumping right into plans for adding beautiful high-grade stainless-steel appliances is appealing, it is essential to base your kitchen remodel on its functionality. Example issues include 1) how do I use my kitchen, 2) who is likely to be in the kitchen at the same time, 3) do you eat mostly fresh or packaged items, 4) do you bake or cook using bulky cooking equipment, and 5) are countertop appliances acceptable to your design or should they all be hidden? The initial planning of your kitchen remodel the critical step to achieve a successful kitchen remodel.

Work within your budget. If you have a limited budget, avoid unforeseen problems by keeping appliances, water fixtures and walls in the same location. Keeping these items off the remodel list not only saves money, but it reduces dust and dirt in the kitchen from construction. Choosing to reface cabinets instead of completely replacing them is a wise financial decision. Keeping within your budget will save you the stress that comes with stretching your finances too thin.

Layout the basic kitchen design using your functionality plan as a guide. Usually, it is advisable to seek technical expertise to get a perfect layout. The spaces to place appliances must be integrated into the size and shape of your kitchen. Just like in professional kitchens, you should ensure that the space for passage in and out of the kitchen is included in your remodel. Proper and adequate lighting of the kitchen makes it appear bigger. Adequate lighting improves your safety and efficiency in the kitchen. During the layout, under cabinet lighting is easiest to complete in the early stages of renovation rather than as an afterthought.

kitchen storageStorage is an essential component of kitchen remodeling. It is considered more important than space. To maximize both storage and space, kitchen cabinets can be constructed all the way to the ceiling. This move offers more ground space and also reduces the stress of frequent cleaning of the cabinet tops. You can integrate small shelving units and well-placed pot hanging hooks to increase kitchen space. These tricks help secure sufficient kitchen space and suitable storage space.

Lastly, it is important to include current kitchen styles and designs. To save yourself time, look through design magazines, online photos, and remodeling shows for ideas. Mastercraft Home Improvement would like to be included from the beginning of your kitchen design process. We will help save you time and money with your kitchen remodel.

At Mastercraft, we know that remodeling your kitchen is a significant investment. We want to ensure the job is done right. We will treat your job as if it were for our mothers. We will sit down with you and go through the plan extensively before we start. You will quickly learn that you can trust Mastercraft with all your kitchen remodeling jobs. This includes custom kitchen cabinets, kitchen and bath, and kitchen cabinet refacing.

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